2010 Pecan Harvest

[Originally published in October 29, 2010]

The 2010 pecan harvest at Little Eva Plantation has finally begun. The 2010 crop is 3 weeks later maturing than the 2009 pecan crop was. The lack of rain has delayed shuck split. However the few nuts that we have pulled from some of the shucks appear to be plenty full. Our Elliott and Candy variety are coming in with the Elliotts as usual being exceptional. This variety is our favorite for all uses. Some people prefer the larger pecans but once they taste the Elliott they convert to being Elliott lovers! From what we are hearing across the pecan industry it appears that the fancy gift quality pecans will be in tight supply. With China now in the mix of competing for American grown pecans, prices are moving upward. The holiday season is upon us so if you are wondering what to give this year look no further – as PECANS are the perfect gift!! Order early and remember We are Nuts about PECANS!!!

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