Pecan Harvest is Near

The 2013 pecan harvest at Little Eva Plantation is just around the corner.  Mark has been busy cleaning the pecan orchard floor of pecan limbs that have broken from the heavy load of nuts on them.  Limbs are always an ongoing chore that has to be done throughout the year.  The orchard could still use a good rain that would help with opening of the pecan shucks as well as supplying the pecan trees with the water they need right up until harvest.  The tractors,  pecan harvesters, and the  pecan shaker have all been serviced and are ready to go.  The pecan warehouse equipment has been inspected and adjusted.  All we are waiting on is the PECANS to open and fall.

Our retail store is filling up with lots of items for this holiday season.  In addition to our delicious Louisiana grown pecans and gourmet flavored pecans,  we have many unique gift items available in our store.  So if you are in the area please stop by.  You can also view our FACEBOOK page to view various items in the store as I post daily.  You can also follow us on TWITTER and GOOGLE+.