Pecans Versus Walnuts

Pecans V. WalnutsWhen it comes to healthy nuts, walnuts may be one of the first types that come to mind. Walnuts have gained a considerable amount of attention for their health benefits recently. But a similar nut, the pecan, should not be overlooked. Pecans offer many of the same health benefits that walnuts do, including important cardiovascular benefits. How do the two nuts compare? Continue reading

Tips To Help Crack Pecans

Tips To Help Crack Pecans There are two ways to buy pecans – shelled and unshelled. Which pecan you choose to buy can heavily depend on how you choose to eat them, whether that be raw or roasted. Some people appreciate the convenience of having a pecan that’s already been cracked, while others enjoy the process from start to finish, and don’t mine shelling their own. If you fall into the latter category, consider these tips to help minimize the time you spend cracking and maximize the time you spend eating the delicious nuts inside! Continue reading

Buy Pecans Online Because It Is Convenient And Easy To Do

Buy Pecans Online Because It Is Convenient And Easy To DoGoing to the grocery store is all fun and games until you reach the three-mile-long check-out line. Crowded parking lots and aisles can leave you wanting to rip the hair from your head when all you want is the delicious taste and crunchy texture of pecans. More people may be on location if the shopping is taking place during the holiday seasons. Instead of fighting your way through swarms of shoppers just order pecans from our site with the few clicks of the mouse. Continue reading

Spruce Up Dishes By Using Pecan Meal In These Ways

Spruce Up Dishes By Using Pecan Meal In These WaysWhat in the world is pecan meal? During the chopping and processing procedures, flakes and crumbs from pecans become left behind. These small pieces are ideal for adding to baking recipes, but they have additional uses too, and not all consumers are aware of them. Rather than just incorporating the meal into traditional dishes, think outside of the box, and the possibilities of what you can create are endless. Continue reading

Maintaining A Pecan Orchard Involves Far More Than Just Harvesting The Pecans

Maintaining A Pecan Orchard Involves Far More Than Just Harvesting The PecansOur family owned and operated orchard has provided consumers with only the highest quality Louisiana pecans since 1987. We split the duties, and each niece, nephew, son, or daughter plays an integral role in keeping the operation running smoothly. There are a variety of different factors that can hinder the crops, but our team goes above and beyond to try and eliminate all of them. In taking these actions, our customers receive excellent tasting pecans to eat on their own or use in various dishes. Continue reading

Fall Flavors Mean Pecans!

Fall Flavors Mean Pecans! As the season’s change and the days grow longer, one thing that also occurs is a shift in the way we eat. Light summer fare often changes to more robust, earthy, comfort foods like stews and chilis. However, it’s also worth remembering that for great autumn flavors, Louisiana pecans are a perfect choice as well and one that fits into so many recipes and snacking options. Continue reading