How Long Does It Take To Get A Pecan Nut?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Pecan Nut?When you buy pecans from us, you get a conveniently packaged grouping of nuts that you can immediately pop in your mouth and start enjoying. But what you can so easily pop in your mouth and eat is actually the cul-mination of a lot of effort, from planting a seed that turns into a tree, to nurturing that tree until it eventually yields fruit, from which the pecan nut comes. Continue reading

Pecan Trees Aren’t Indestructible

Pecan Trees Aren’t IndestructibleWhen you decide to get pecan gifts, or even just sit down to enjoy these nuts yourself, you’re at the receiving end of a long chain of time, effort, and care. Pecans, like other crops in America, take time to grow, but, maybe even more importantly, they need proper protection while they do this. Continue reading

Not All Nuts Are The Alike

Louisiana Pecans - Not All Nuts Are The Alike - Natchitoches PecansMost people enjoy nuts if allergic reactions aren’t part of the equation, and there’s a good reason for this. Not only are nuts healthier than packaged, processed snacks, they are still tasty, and small enough that can make a great between-meal supplement without adding too many calories. Continue reading

Storing Your Pecans

Storing Your Pecans As a pecan lover, you were likely treated to an abundance of pecan gifts this holiday season. While you’d probably love to eat them all over the next couple weeks, it may make more sense to store your pecan gifts until later in the year. Use the following tips to help store your pecans. Continue reading

Pecan Weevil Could Complicate Growth And Harvests

Pecan Weevil Could Complicate Growth And HarvestsIf you’ve ever attempted to grow pecans, you’re likely well aware of the patience required. Over the past few years, growers’ job has required even more patience, however, thanks to an annoying pest. The pecan weevil has been disrupting pecan crops and harvests throughout the country. Although the pecan weevil has not yet dramatically affected Louisiana pecans, precautions should still be taken to protect your harvest.   Continue reading

The Big Health Benefits Of Pecans

the-big-health-benefits-of-pecansEating healthy isn’t always easy. Sticking with a nutrition plan is important, as is regular exercise to help give you the best results from your efforts. But what about snacking? It’s easy to overlook what a huge impact snacking can have on your weight loss or healthy diet plans, and it’s vital that you steer clear from things like sweets or greasy snacks, and pecans are a perfect replacement for those unhealthy options. Continue reading