Battling a Nutrition Crisis

Battling a Nutrition Crisis

With so many overly processed foods, more and more people are reaching for these junky snacks because they are convenient. However, they are full of carbohydrates, sugars, fats, and other things that can cause us to become sluggish, overweight, and have a general feeling of ickiness as we trudge through the day. Continue reading

Innovative Ways To Start Adding Pecans To Your Diet Today

Innovative Ways To Start Adding Pecans To Your Diet TodayPecans are delicious, sweet treats that many people enjoy eating on their own or combined with ingredients in different kinds of recipes. Aside from having a rich, pleasant flavor, consuming pecans can also prove to be beneficial to one’s health. The snacks are high in vitamins A, C, B6, K, and they are also good sources of calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, and more. Plus, even people with high cholesterol can eat the nuts without worrying because they contain no sodium. Continue reading

How Natchitoches Pecans Support A Healthy Heart

How Natchitoches Pecans Support A Healthy HeartThe American Heart Association states that adding a handful or 1.5 ounces of pecans regularly to your diet can support heart health. Pecans have a variety of nutrients that can help reduce your risk of heart disease. Furthermore, eating healthy nuts in moderation is a great way to give your body the nutrition it needs for a healthy heart. Here are just some of the ways that pecans support a healthy heart. Continue reading

Looking For The Secret To Healthy Skin? Grab A Handful Of Natchitoches Pecans

Looking For The Secret To Healthy Skin? Grab A Handful Of Natchitoches PecansWe all want clearer, younger looking skin. The best kept secret is not in the aisles of the drugstore or high end department makeup counters, but right in our pantry. Pecans are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that support healthy skins. These nutrients help fight against damage, support the production of collagen, and leave skin feeling soft and healthy. Rather than loading up on face cream, add a handful of pecans to your diet every day. Continue reading

Pecans Versus Walnuts

Pecans V. WalnutsWhen it comes to healthy nuts, walnuts may be one of the first types that come to mind. Walnuts have gained a considerable amount of attention for their health benefits recently. But a similar nut, the pecan, should not be overlooked. Pecans offer many of the same health benefits that walnuts do, including important cardiovascular benefits. How do the two nuts compare? Continue reading