Why Cracked Pecans Are Superior To Other Nuts

Why Cracked Pecans Are Superior To Other NutsThose who enjoy cracked pecans know one of the biggest secrets in the health and nutrition industry – pecans are far superior to other nuts. Although practically all nuts are healthy, cracked pecans, in particular, are exceptionally nutritious. Below, we’ll provide you with a few reasons why pecans are superior to other nuts so that you can include them in your next snack or meal. Continue reading

Storing Pecans Properly During The Holiday Season

Storing Pecans Properly During The Holiday Season Have you recently bought pecan gifts for a loved one that you wish to save until Christmas? Or perhaps you’re expecting to receive pecan gifts on Christmas morning and would like to make the product last through 2019. Regardless of your motives why, you’ll want to take care when storing pecan gifts this holiday season. Fortunately, we’ve provided you with a guide on how to store pecans properly to ensure longevity and freshness. Continue reading

Stop By From Now Until Christmas!

 Stop By From Now Until Christmas!Cracked pecans are a great way to give a tasty, healthy treat to someone you care about, or even just have on hand for the visitors during the holiday season. If you live in Louisiana, especially if you live in the Cloutierville area, then maybe you already know that we’re here to help you in this regard. And if you’re just passing through over the next couple of months, or even just new to the area, then you’re in luck. We’re here to keep you filled with all the cracked pecans you can handle! Continue reading

Try Pecan Oil In Your Kitchen

Try Pecan Oil In Your KitchenMost people know about the great taste of pecans simply from popping the nuts in their mouth, or maybe as an added treat in something like pralines. But did you know that the oil that comes from pecans can be even more useful—and healthy—for people that are willing to use it in the kitchen for cooking and baking needs? Pecans are more than just an easy snack to grab, and here’s what the oil can do for you in your culinary adventures. Continue reading

How Do We Get Pecans?

How Do We Get Louisiana Pecans? - Natchitoches PecansWhen you buy your Louisiana pecans from us, you’re right at the tail end of a very long, and time-tested process. All you have to do is pick your pecans, hand over your money, and enjoy! But what exactly happens to get those pecans into the store, or even into your mail, so that you can find them waiting for you right at your door? Do you know what goes into growing and harvesting pecans? We do, and we’re going to explain that now. Continue reading

Remember To Order Early!

Remember To Order Early! - Pecan GiftsWe’re moving into the holiday season now, with Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving as well as Christmas ahead. And that means that everyone is going to be getting ready for some time off, sharing special moments with loved ones, ringing in a new year and, of course, giving gifts. Continue reading

Pecan Shells Are Useful Too!

Pecan Shells Are Useful Too!When people look at—and eat—pecans, mostly their thoughts center on that rich taste, a homespun, uniquely American flavor that could only come from here. And for the most part, they’re right! Pecans are indigenous to North America, so they were here, being enjoyed as a local delicacy, even before the USA became the USA. Continue reading

Give Thanks This Year With Pecans!

Give Thanks This Year With Louisiana Pecans!Thanksgiving is a time when the nation comes together and reflects on the good fortune to live in one of the most bountiful and productive countries in the world. Americans are lucky to be here, and Thanksgiving is the traditionally the time of year when we stop, and, as a single country, acknowledge the privilege to be in this place, in this time of our lives. Continue reading