Top Ways To Give Pecan Gifts This Year

Top Ways To Give Pecan Gifts This YearNo matter what the occasion may be, we all know at least a couple of people who are impossible to buy a gift for. Whether they have it all or claim that they want nothing, what do you do to put a smile on the face of these difficult gift recipients? One option that is worth thinking about is pecan gifts, and if you’re looking for a perfect way to give someone a gift they’ll love but never see coming, look no further. Continue reading

Top 4 Reasons To Buy Pecans

Top 4 Reasons To Buy PecansThere are plenty of snack foods that can transcend just being a snack and become something more. Believe it or not, pecans are a perfect example of this and deciding to buy pecans and use them in your kitchen will be something that is well worth doing.
If you’re not convinced or unsure of just what it is that pecans have to offer, take a closer look at a few of the big reasons to buy pecans. Continue reading

How Long Does It Take To Get A Pecan Nut?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Pecan Nut?When you buy pecans from us, you get a conveniently packaged grouping of nuts that you can immediately pop in your mouth and start enjoying. But what you can so easily pop in your mouth and eat is actually the cul-mination of a lot of effort, from planting a seed that turns into a tree, to nurturing that tree until it eventually yields fruit, from which the pecan nut comes. Continue reading

Pecan Trees Aren’t Indestructible

Pecan Trees Aren’t IndestructibleWhen you decide to get pecan gifts, or even just sit down to enjoy these nuts yourself, you’re at the receiving end of a long chain of time, effort, and care. Pecans, like other crops in America, take time to grow, but, maybe even more importantly, they need proper protection while they do this. Continue reading

Not All Nuts Are The Alike

Louisiana Pecans - Not All Nuts Are The Alike - Natchitoches PecansMost people enjoy nuts if allergic reactions aren’t part of the equation, and there’s a good reason for this. Not only are nuts healthier than packaged, processed snacks, they are still tasty, and small enough that can make a great between-meal supplement without adding too many calories. Continue reading