Pecans Make A Great Halloween Treat

Pecans Make A Great Halloween TreatWhen it comes to the safety of the little ones on Halloween, we’re now living in a time where it doesn’t really make sense to give away homemade treats. But if you’re throwing any Halloween events for kids, or for adults, and you want to make sure there are sweet, tasty, but healthy treats and snacks available during these gatherings, buy pecans and try serving them during your event! Continue reading

Pecans Make Great Beverages Too

Pecans Make Great Beverages TooLouisiana pecans are generally regarded as a great snack, either in their natural shelled form, or processed and candied for tasty, premium pecan gifts. But beyond just being something that you can pop in your mouth and enjoy, pecans are a lot more versatile than that. Pecan gifts are always going to be welcome, which is why we provide them in a variety of different packages but did you know that pecans can be used for drinks too? It’s true! Continue reading

4 Ways To Use Pecan Meal

4 Ways To Use Pecan MealPecan meal is a lot like pecan flour, and our pecan meal contains all of the freshness, flavor, and texture of our world famous Louisiana pecans. The big difference between meal and flour has to do with texture, and pecan meal is naturally a bit more coarse than the pecan flour you’re like to bake with. However, a few seconds in a food processor can turn it into pecan flour ready for baking in just a tap. Pecan meal in its coarser form makes a welcome addition to many dishes, and 4 ways to use pecan meal include: Continue reading

The Easy Way To Keto-Friendly Treats Using Pecan Flour

The Easy Way To Keto-Friendly Treats Using Pecan FlourThe Keto Diet has been a big hit for many, but one of the most difficult parts of sticking to it is the lack of “indulgence” foods. Using Louisiana pecans, a healthy keto lifestyle is about to get a whole lot tastier. Pecans have a natural buttery rich flavor, and pecan flour imparts that flour into anything you’d like to make while still being keto friendly. Similar to almond flour, pecan flour has about the same amount of carbs but with half the fat, which means creating dishes with half the calories. Continue reading

3 New Ways To Enjoy Pecan Candy

3 New Ways To Enjoy Pecan CandyPecan candy made from real Louisiana pecans is a beloved part of the fall and holiday seasons all across the United States. Given as gifts, laid out in conference rooms in offices, and simply enjoyed as something to put out for guests, there’s nothing not to love about picking a pecan treat or two as you go about your every day or a special family gathering. However, we want to give you a few new ways to enjoy your pecan candy, and inspiration for transforming it into a fresh new flavor experience every time. 3 new ways to enjoy pecan candy include: Continue reading

Substitute Louisiana Pecans For These Ingredients

Substitute Louisiana Pecans For These IngredientsLouisiana Pecans are an ideal choice for topping foods, incorporating into recipes, or even snacking on alone. They have a rich, buttery flavor, which can cause a person’s mouth to start watering by just thinking about them. Not all pecans are created equal though. Our pecan orchard is located on a segment of the historic Little Eva Plantation right here in Cloutierville, Louisiana. Continue reading

Reasons Why Pecans Can Be The Perfect Addition To Your Tailgating Parties

Reasons Why Pecans Can Be The Perfect Addition To Your Tailgating PartiesFootball season is finally upon us again. For many fans, this time of year never comes fast enough. Once the Superbowl ends, free agency is over, and the NFL draft comes and goes, there is very little news to keep a person’s football addiction satisfied. Fortunately, preseason is getting started, rosters are becoming set, and in the blink of an eye, teams will be competing in full swing to obtain the best possible playoff spot. Continue reading

Make Any Person’s Day Brighter With These Pecan Gifts

Make Any Person's Day Brighter With These Pecan GiftsPeople often save buying presents for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. However, there is nothing wrong with sporadically purchasing and giving someone a gift. They will appreciate the gesture, and in turn, may even repay your kindness sometime. Unfortunately, it can be challenging and tricky to find the perfect present though. Continue reading

Show Your Grandparents How Much You Care On Special Occasions With These Pecan Gifts

Show Your Grandparents How Much You Care On Special Occasions With These Pecan GiftsMany holidays remain in this calendar year, but one celebratory occasion that often gets overlooked is Grandparents day. When people wait until the last possible minute to purchase gifts, grandma and grandpa are the unfortunate recipients of unthoughtful, unuseful presents. So, mark Sunday, September 9, 2018, on your calendar to ensure that you don’t forget the special occasion, and start hunting down the perfect offering today. If the individuals are pecan-lovers, give them one of our pecan gifts to satisfy their cravings. Continue reading

Finally, A Reputable Place To Buy Pecans Online

 Finally, A Reputable Place To Buy Pecans Online A shift in shopping has taken place over the years, which has led to more and more shoppers purchasing goods online. Of course, nobody can blame consumers. After all, who doesn’t enjoy buying things from the comforts of home? Plus, the items get delivered directly to a person’s mailbox or front door for added convenience. Unfortunately, there also seem to be scams lurking around every corner. Continue reading